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Question: Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

Ever since Rhona Byrnes released her block buster book and subsequent movie entitled “The Secret” , the main theme of the book, ” The Law Of Attraction ” has become a huge topic of discussion and often great controversy. Even though there are millions of people who will testify with great enthusiasm, that the concepts of The Law Of Attraction discussed in the series have revolutionized their lives, there is also a much smaller and less convincing group of nay-sayers who say bah-humbug to the principals.

Where Did The Law Of Attraction Principals Originate?

Many people would be surprised to learn that the principals of The Law Of Attraction are actually taught in the Bible, a book written many thousands of years ago. The principal is something I like to call the “MIND-HEART-MOUTH” principal.

  • MIND: In the book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 27 it states “as a person thinks in their heart, so they will become”
  • HEART: In Mathew 12:34, the greatest success teacher the world has ever known taught that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”
  • MOUTH: Again in the book of Proverbs 6:2 we are taught that ” you are sanred by the word of your mouth, the sayings of your lips have overcome you” . This truth couple with another truth declared in Proverbs 18:20 that says “With the fruit of a man’s mouth his stomach will be satisfied; He will be satisfied {with} the product of his lips.”

These wise sayings along with hundreds of other references and examples in the bible and many other books of faith, clearly lay out the powerful understanding and the undeniable truth that “Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World”.

Our Words Are A Powerful Force Of Creation And Attraction

The foundational principal of ” The Law Of Attraction ” is that whatever we think about and what we say generates a vibrational energy that attracts more of the same into our lives. Norman Vincents Peals “The Power Of Positive Thinking” and Earl Nightengales classic “The Strangest Secret” both re-enforce this historical biblical truth that we become what we think about and talk about all day long. But the principal doesn’t stop there, and this is where many people run into problems, because the fact of the matter is that unless you combine psitive thinking and positive talking and positive believing with “Positive ACTION”, you probably won’t see your dreams come true.

The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work Without The Law Of Action

One of the best peices of writing I have ever come across that brings this truth home with huge punch is a powerful peice written by BJ Gallagher entitled “The Power Of Positive Doing Creed”. You would be well advised to take heed to thesewords of wisdom.

TPPD main The Law Of Attraction Doesnt Work Without The Law Of Action


The Power Of Positive Doing Creed- BJ Gallagher

I believe that positive thinking must be accompanied by positive doing, and I commit to getting into action

I believe that action relieves anxiety, and I commit to taking the first step

I believe that even when we can’t do everything, we can always do something, and I commit to doing whatever I can, wherever I can, whenever I can

I believe that little steps can bring about big changes, and I commit to putting one foot in front of the other

I believe that we each create our own future, and I commit to being accountable for my choices

I believe in focusing on what I can do, instead of what I can’t do, and I commit to looking for possibilities and opportunities

I believe that time is my most precious asset, and I commit to making the most of each moment, each hour, every day

I believe that success is about progress, not perfection, and I commit to celebrating my accomplishments, no matter how small

I believe that life is lived in relationships with others, and I commit to getting good at getting along

I believe that true happiness and filfillment come from serving oters, and I commit to living my life in service and contribution.

I believe that one person can make a big difference… and I commit to being that person


Enjoy These words in This Simple Video Presentation…


The Law Of Attraction + The Law Of Action = A Powerful Formula For Success

In case you’ve never read the book, you can easily pick up a copy at your local book store or conventiently order from Amazon.com and have the book delivered to your home by clicking on the following link:

The Movie The Secret is available for purchase at www.thesecret.tv or the full movie can also be watched for free at YouTube.com



The Bottom Line is The Law Of Attraction WORKS… If YOU DO !

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